BE AN ARTIST, BE DIFFERENT, PLAY WITH ME expires on January 15th.


SPORTISM-from the basis to inclusion!


This project represents a pioneering endeavor to integrate children and adolescents with special needs, specifically those on the Autism Spectrum, into sports and leisure activities. Designed for individuals up to 18 years old, our initiative comprises several innovative outputs aimed at enhancing motor skills, fostering inclusion, and promoting awareness. E-training Diary: Adhering to GDPR guidelines, this online platform monitors the physical condition and motor development of athletes with ASD and other disabilities. It serves as a vital tool for feedback and planning future sports and leisure activities.

Forum Insights E-manual: Compiled insights from forum discussions are transformed into an e-manual, serving as a valuable resource for teachers, coaches, parents, and volunteers. This e-book manual encapsulates the collective wisdom shared in the forum, offering practical guidance for engaging children with autism in sports.


Training of Trainers and Volunteers: Our comprehensive approach includes the training of trainers and volunteers, certified to ensure quality and consistency in support. While specific future events are yet to be determined, the foundation for ongoing community engagement and education is firmly in place.


Communication & Awareness Campaigns: Success is gauged by participant turnout in campaigns like BE DIFFERENT!, Exercise with Me, and BE A SPORTSMAN – PLAY WITH ME. These initiatives aim to foster a culture of inclusivity and awareness.


Innovative Criteria for Inclusion: The project is in the process of developing criteria for integrating children and adolescents with ASD into regular sports programs. Utilizing tools like the e-diary and video exercises, this criteria will facilitate a more inclusive sports environment.


This project not only seeks to enhance the physical wellbeing of children and adolescents with ASD but also aims to create a more inclusive, aware, and supportive community. Through these diverse outputs, the initiative stands as a beacon of innovation and solidarity in promoting sports and leisure for all.

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