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SPORTISM-from the basis to inclusion!


MfC – Maendeleo for Children is a NPO – Association of Social Promotion (ASP) constituted on 2014. MFC’s
founding members have an experience of more than 20 years as EU social project designers, experts in
networking and partnership building, experts in monitoring and management tools, specialists for learning and
after-school activities for students with learning disabilities etc. Thanks to its expertise, MFC carries out socially
useful activities for children and young people with particular attention to those in situations of socio-economic and
health hardship, promoting social inclusion, protection and a full realization for children and youth in schools, and
through formal and non-formal education.
Since 2014 Maendeleo for Children has created the N-DSA-N network, co-financed in 2014 by the Lazio Region
Department of Education, Training and Work open to public and private entities working in the fields of

neuropsychiatry and Social Health. NDSAN is based on a new form of network design and experimental platform that
provides a precious tool for information exchange between teachers, parents, and local health authorities, facilitating
cooperation in a remote mode. MFC has developed contacts and partnerships with numerous organizations and
associations at national level (see section: Network). To date, MFC can boast a great potential for dissemination,
amplifying the impact of projects at different levels, in various areas (health, social, culture, media, etc.) and
professional fields. In particular, MFC is able to mobilize, internationally more than 100 members in 30 countries (4
continents) and 2.000 stakeholders. Overall, through the creation of local, national and international networks, MFC
develops innovative services in the field of child protection, school dropouts, children at risk, ASD & other special
educational needs and child neuropsychiatry. It carries out and/or supports research studies aimed at collecting data
for the implementation of quality interventions. It offers qualified training courses for public and private educational
operators, and lobbies for the adoption of child protection laws and policies, and the full application of EU directives,
international treaties, national laws, and regional/local policies in the field. It also has a great capacity of dissemination
and communication thanks to its network. During 2021, the publisher ALPES will publish the volume AUTISM and
SPORT, coordinated by the President of MFC, in an important editorial series focused on neuropsychiatry.

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