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SPORTISM-from the basis to inclusion!


Sports association “Milan Petrović” from Novi Sad was founded in 2007 and in 14 years, it has accomplished a
large number of activities in the field of sports for students and users with disabilities. The Association engages
seven highly educated experts of various profiles who are trained to work with children with disabilities. The
Association is one of the organizers of the Special Olympics, which are held once a year at the national level. It

covers wide variety of sports and organizes regular trainings for athletics, table tennis, volleyball, swimming,
skiing, basketball, bowling and football. Every year, our Association organizes the national women’s basketball
The mission their association is to make every child love the sport and choose its favourite one, to develop team
spirit and to strengthen children’s abilities. Children with ASD can often feel overloaded if they don’t feel safe in
their environment. However, sports provide inspiring experiences that are not available at home or in the
classroom. These activities can also improve attention span what often results in better performance in school.
Researches also show that repetitive exercises can distract from the stereotypical behaviour that is common in
children with ASD. We are especially committed to cooperation with the social environment. Through numerous
inclusive programs, we involve our students and users in various projects and programs that are organized in
our city. We participate, but we also initiate such activities. On the other hand, we are actively involved in
numerous city activities dedicated to improving accessibility and inclusion of children with ASD and people with
disabilities, thus raising the awareness of our fellow citizens about the importance of living without prejudices.
For the fourth year in a row, they are participating in the realization of the School Sports program for the
development of a versatile personality. The program is intended for children in grades 1 to 8 in primary school,
funded by the City Administration for Sports and Youth of the City of Novi Sad, with the full support of the Ministry
of Education, and implemented by the Association for School Sports of the City of Novi Sad. The children can
freely choose to participate in the Sports program at School. The target group are children with increased body
weight, with poor posture and severe deformities, children from low-income families, children with specific and
multiple developmental disabilities. During the work in the classes of Sports in schools, the program contents
are directed towards acquisition, adoption and improvement of motor knowledge, skills and habits and
developing physical abilities, primarily coordination, precision, mobility and endurance. The program is designed
so that children develop a sense and need for socializing and togetherness – social development.
For the last ten years, the association has been receiving financial support from the City of Novi Sad through
the humanitarian project “Veliko srce”, implemented by Eurobank and the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation.
The money is used for the purchase of sports equipment and for children’s trips to the competitions. We also
have a well-developed Volunteer Centre, which employs a large number of young people, mostly students, who
help with the implementation of all activities of our Association. Currently, the Volunteer Centre is not working
due to the epidemiological situation.

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