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SPORTISM-from the basis to inclusion!


Društvo za kulturo inkluzije was established with the aim of sport activities, education and promotion and active
development of an inclusive sport culture, including our care and concern for the promotion of the right of
children, young people and adults with special needs and children and young people with typical development.
We work with children and young people with autism, ADHD, intellectual disabilities, emotional and behavioural
problems that are often pushed to the edge of active social life also by not having opportunities to participate in
sport activities. The activities of our society promote inclusive culture and socialization among children and
adolescents coming from different educational, cultural and social backgrounds. The fundamental element of our
activities is to connect children and young people through sport, games and play and spending quality free time.
All our activities follow important values such as respecting human rights and equal opportunities, fight against
discrimination, active citizenship and participation in society. The majority of members of our Association is
represented by youth workers, professionals, students, pupils, teachers and parents from Slovenia and abroad.
Our organisation includes different professionals from various fields such as sport pedagogues, teachers and
special education teachers, psychologists, consulters, doctors of medicine, artists, cultural and social workers.
Our Association unites 75 members. There are 4 most active members – the Association work team – that have
many years of experience of working with children and young people with special needs (3 of them are
employees, 1 of them is president). We are constantly educating ourselves and in the past years, we have
acquired more specialized knowledge about autism, ADHD, behaviour and emotional difficulties, which is
important for the quality of our work. Very often, we are attending workshops, trainings and seminars on the
national and international level, which helps us to network with people that work on the similar field.
Our main activities are organising free time, sport, art and other projects for children and young people with
special needs and typical development. We provide programmes such as sport programme for children,
youngsters and adults with special needs »Special Sportster«, inclusive summer and autumn active holiday day-

care activities for children, outdoor programmes for families with children with special needs »Differences Enrich
Us« and support groups for parents, individual sports programs, programs of individual support to people with
special needs and socializing activities mostly through sport activities, awareness-raising programmes for healthy
lifestyle and spending quality free-time for children and youngsters, training (practical and theoretical) for sports
coaches for the people with mental disabilities and autism with cooperation of Slovenian Paralymic Committee,
free-time activities (sport, theatre, art, music … workshops) for children and youngsters with special needs,
voluntary programmes (local voluntarism, national and international long-term voluntary projects) that include
volunteer activities for people with special needs, educational programmes and professional workshops for
teachers, pedagogues and other, who work with population with special needs, inclusive events and activities:
Be an Artist, Be a Sportsman, Be a Traveller and international festival “Play With Me” across Slovenia and
We cooperate with many local organisations, clubs, public bodies, special centres such as Centre Janeza Levca
Ljubljana, which is the biggest special education centre in Slovenia for children, youngsters and young adults
with special needs, mostly with intellectual disabilities and Autism spectrum disorder. We collaborate with those
institutions on a daily basis, but we are always open to new partnerships and opportunities for collaboration. In
2016 one of our members attended a two month training abroad, in Finland, where she was learning about sport,
as a tool for the integration of refugee children and other children with fewer opportunities.
In the past years, we successfully realized many international projects, mainly supported by the European
Commission. Most of the projects were part of the Erasmus+, Youth in Action programmes in the past and
European Solidarity Corps in the present. Our project were supporting non-formal education through international
cooperation, especially on the social, educational and inclusive topics. We organised many youth exchanges,
training courses, voluntary projects, mobility of youth workers and solidarity projects.

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