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SPORTISM-from the basis to inclusion!


ACS Kory Francisc is a sport club with the main activity in the field of sport for disabled persons. We work with
intellectually disabled, autistic, visually impaired and physically disabled children. We promote active participation
in sports of disabled persons, social inclusion by sport and improving self-esteem. We participate in many
competitions and we organize many sport activities, competitions and conferences in the field of habilitation and
rehabilitation of disabled people. Our association activates around 200 disabled children. Our sports are
swimming, torball, goalball, field tennis, bouldering, climbing, chess, tandem biking etc. Goals of “ACS Kory
Francisc” are sports training, especially of young people with disabilities, who wish to practice sports and not
only participate in competitions organized by law enforcement body, organization of actions for sports training of
young people with disabilities and collaboration with other associations, foundations or other organizations
acting in the field of performance sports for people with or without disabilities, in order to organize assistance and
consultancy actions in order to support the interests of the members of the Association.
The objectives of the association are respectively to contribute to the improvement and maintenance of the
health of its members through practicing exercise and sport by people with or without disabilities, carrying out
educational and recreational activities, integration of children with physical impairments in all their activities,
improving, in all its forms, the material basis necessary for the physical-sporting activities at the optimal level
and in maximum safety conditions, ensuring the need for human resources, their professional training in the
spirit of group activities, supporting and conducting theoretical and practical activities aimed at recovery,
physical therapy and movement of persons with disabilities and not only, elaboration and development of own
programs, as well as participation in projects in accordance with the purpose of the association, organizing and
participating in conferences, symposiums and other scientific and informative cultural sports events and
organizing and carrying out any other activity compatible with the purpose of the association.
Their sport programs are the following: torball/goalball training, bouldering, field tennis for visually impaired,
biking, rock climbing, chess and other adapted sport activities. They have 4 specialized trainers in training sport
for disabled children. Two of their trainers are also teachers at the physical therapy department from the sport
faculty. They run all the evaluations and monitor the evolution of the physical health and motor abilities of our
trainees. They have many voluntaries, students from the Sport Faculty, especially physical therapy department.
In some of their programs, they work one on one trainings (one trainee and one volunteer). They organize
courses for our volunteers in order to teach them how to work with different special needs.
They are involved in many projects: local, national and European in the field of active lifestyle and social
integration of disabled persons. We also participate in many EU projects with focus on sport for disabled
children. They collaborate with Special Olympics and participate in many national and international competitions
for children with intellectual disabilities. They periodically organize conferences and courses for specialists in the
domain of adapted sports and collaborate with Babes Bolyai University, specifically with the Sport Faculty, the
Physical Therapy department. We work with many volunteer students. They also train our volunteers and
collaborators how to approach and work with disabled persons.

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